That “new normal” of mine is changing almost daily.  I think I’ve finally entered into a new phase marked by hope.  I now feel that there are good things to come.  New experiences and, more importantly, new people.  I’m trying to embrace possibilities with an open mind.  I’ve seen that all it takes is one person to change our mindset, if we just allow the idea of possibilities to take hold.

There are no guarantees in life.  My recent experiences certainly illustrate that in a major way.   But there is always that chance that something wonderful is just around the bend.  You just have to have faith and turn the corner and see what lies ahead.

So if life has recently kicked you in the teeth and maybe slammed you up against the wall, get back up.  Dust yourself off.  Do your crying and wallow in misery.  But only for a bit.  Don’t let it become your new mindset.  A friend had told me, “when you’re going through hell, KEEP GOING!”   At the time it resonated with me, so much so that it is now in vinyl within sight of my computer.  A reminder to me that, when I have the occasional set-back,  I need to keep going.

I had a bit of a rough spell today.  There were good things, too – some very good moments – but as the day wore on the worry was beginning to creep back in.  There are some difficulties ahead, and I know that, but I need to remember not to get bogged down in worrying about things that aren’t even here yet.  One day at a time.  I kept going.  I sought out some tunes that triggered some powerful memories and just let them wash over me and give me a reset.

Life is good.  Possibilities abound.  Oh, the possibilities!   Tomorrow is going to be a great day.