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05-19-18: The Nightmare of Windows 10, aka I Hate Change — May 19, 2018

05-19-18: The Nightmare of Windows 10, aka I Hate Change

I’m not a complete idiot when it comes to my computer.  I mean, when I have an issue I can usually manage to search out the fix.  But Windows 10…  you can’t see, but I’m shaking my head in disgust.  I miss the days of Windows XP when things were simple.  Why is it that so often when things are supposed to have been made easy, they are so much harder?

Windows 10 didn’t seem that bad initially.  It’s the constant pain in the butt updates that always seem to mess things up.  Every time it has one of it’s major updates – and there have been too many to even remember – it messes up the settings.  Previous Windows didn’t have that issue.  Now, every time it updates and is improved – HA! – I have to redo certain things.  Like the ability to right click a picture file and preview it.  Can’t do that without going to settings and associating photos yet AGAIN.  (What, you say using capitals means I’m shouting?  I KNOW.)

So we had this huge update two nights ago.  Took forever. Today I had to redo my associations.  Then I plug in one of my cameras and even THAT is messed up.  It has to reinstall the device, then it wants to know how to deal with it.  Here is where it gets dicey, because I bear some of the blame.  I accidentally clicked on something other using your basic File Explorer.  In the old days, you could write click and say OPEN WITH and change your mind.  Can I do that now?  Heck no!   I uninstall the camera.  Plug it back in and it needs to install the device.  Perfect, right?  No, because once it does, it goes back to opening some program I didn’t want opening my files and there seems to be no way to get around it.

I spend the next hour trying to solve the issue, including searching for fixes.  I finally discover that if you right-click on the window icon and select Device Manager you get some slightly different options.  After that it’s kind of a blur, and though I *think* I solved the problem, I’m not really sure.  Frankly, I’m a bit afraid to try plugging in the camera again, as it would not surprise me if my “fix” has disappeared, along with my tolerance to Windows updates.

Other than fighting with Windows 10, I’ve been spending a lot of time handfeeding baby birds.  Budgies, budgies, and more budgies!  I have 6 kids left from the first clutches, all weaned and ready to go.  I’m handfeeding Daffy’s 4 kids, plus 4 of Cinnamon’s current clutch as well as 2 of Cleo’s last clutch.  In Cinnamon’s nestbox are her youngest 5 plus the youngest of Cleo’s kids, and these 6 will be pulled and added to the crowd either Monday or Tuesday.  It feels like my current motto should be “All Budgies… All The Time”.

We have an incubator with 14 banty eggs inside, and 12 of the 14 appear to be fertile and developing nicely.  I checked them a few days ago, and could see a few of their very active heartbeats.  It was pretty neat.  I have never seen the heart beating like that before.  If it’s any indication, these kids appear to be doing really well.  They should hatch anytime from next Sunday through Tuesday.   It’s always so exciting to watch them hatch!

It’s raining today, which we really need.  It will be good for the ground and also help to knock the pollen down.  The black flies have come out in full force and I’m again very thankful we have a screened in porch.  Very nice to have things greening up and all the plants and trees coming back to life.

We picked up 9 banty chicks at Tractor Supply back in March, and they turned out to be 5 white Silkies and 4 Golden Sebrights.  One of the Sebrights is a rooster and has the cutest, squeaky crow right now.  I imitate his squeaky crow to him, and he answers me.  I took a little video of this and put it up on you tube, here.  Scott says one of the Silkies is also trying to crow, but has a deeper voice.  I haven’t heard him yet, but I’m looking forward to “communicating” with him as well.  🙂

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