I have a hard time getting to sleep so it’s often midnight or later by the time I drift off.  When I’m lucky, I don’t wake up in the night, but a night of solid sleep is a pretty rare thing.  Last night was classic.

I think I fell asleep around quarter past midnight.  Next thing I know, I’m awakened to Spot’s bark.  Sometimes he gets me up to go potty or if he’s not feeling good he’ll want to go out and find some grass to eat and throw up.  So I got out of bed, opened his crate, and made my way out to the door that opens to his yard.  I look around for Spot, and he’s no longer at my side.  I retrace my steps.  Check the bathroom, since the door is closed I think he may have gone in and been trapped.  Nope.  Check the living room, thinking he’s scavenging the remains of Mel’s (the grey) nighttime snacks on his play stand.  Nope.  Back into the bedroom, where Spot is once again in his crate, curled up in a ball.  He looks at me like “What?”   I ask him if he doesn’t want to go out and he again gives me that look, like I’m disturbing HIM.   Fine.  Go back and shut out the outside light and re-lock the door.

Back in bed and I drift back off pretty quickly.  Next thing I know, the room is lurching and it’s apparent I have rolled over only to have the sporadically recurring Labyrinthitis rear its ugly head.  I freeze, careful not to even shift my eyes, and it subsides.  Now I become a statue in bed for fear of triggering another spell.  Eventually I fall asleep again.

I am once again awakened, this time by the sound of something falling onto the floor in the living room.  Did I forget to close Mel in his cage?  Hard to believe.  I slowly manage to roll over and sit up, still worried about the lurching dizziness hitting me.   And again something hits the floor.  Now I’m wide awake and wondering that the heck is going on in the next room.  I put on my light and shield my eyes till they adjust.  I go into the living room and find an electronic thermometer unit and a small spray bottle of Lens Cleaner on the floor.  Now I’m wondering if we have a mouse in the house.  Not thrilled with the idea of that.  Still not sure even today what caused the items to fall, unless the thermometer fell off the wall because the sticky tape gave out, and maybe it hit the Lens Cleaner on the way to the floor and left that precariously balanced and just needing a few minutes to fall.  Or we have a mouse.  The latter would be a pretty odd occurrence, but I suppose it’s possible.  Back to bed for more statue sleep and waiting for the alarm to go off.

A night of interrupted sleep is not too restful.  This morning I felt slightly nauseous, due I’m sure to the Lab.  I knew I needed to get an antihistamine into me as soon as possible.  Years ago after the Lab had first him me, I actually had a doctor then and she confirmed it was Labyrinthitis that I’d had.  She is the one that told me I should have come in and she would have told me to take antihistamines to keep it manageable.  She also reassured me that most people only get the Lab once.  I’m not most people, and actually have learned of many people that DO get it periodically, but not to the same debilitating degree as the first time.  So this morning it was a dose of antihistamine for me, and now, almost three hours later, I’m feeling the effects in that I could close my eyes and pass out in this chair quite easily.  However, I can also move my head without feeling any lurching, so I’ll suffer through the tiredness.

Not a great night or morning, but it gets worse.  I went in to feed the baby gouldian only to find him on his back, dead.  He still had food in his crop, so he died in the night, maybe a few hours after his last feeding.  I am only guessing that he aspirated.  He had been getting a lot more lively and flopping onto his back was not unheard of, but I think that can also contribute to aspiration in one so small.  I should have known when I posted a video of him that I was just asking for trouble.  It’s as if fate conspires once I finally feel a finch is going to make it, to strike them dead unexpectedly.  I’m trying to look at the positives.  I got more experience feeding a tiny, stunted little finch.  Not much of a positive, but it’s all I have.

I hope you are having a better day!


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