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10-24-17 Blog? What Blog? — October 24, 2017

10-24-17 Blog? What Blog?

It has been way too long since I’ve written a blog.  Honestly I’d kind of forgotten all about it until about a month ago, but then this past month has been very busy for me and I just haven’t had time.

We had a bird show on the 14th of this month, but for the month or two before that I was busy making Welcome signs to bring.  I was also fortunate enough to have a fellow bird breeder request a total of twelve of the signs, sans the Welcome part.  He breeds quaker parrots and wanted a variety of his favorite mutations painted.  I do them on basswood slices and, if I say so myself, they come out pretty good.  Anyway, I was busy making the Welcome signs – both in pet bird types as well as native birds – and interspersed with those were the custom signs for the breeder.

The show was last weekend.  I delivered all of the breeder’s signs and I’m happy to say he was pleased with them.  I sold a few of the others I had made as well as a few bird toys and swings.  I had brought very few birds and none of them sold.  So they came back home again and now I have to quarantine them, so that’s a pain.  Not long before the show I had also bought a yellow parrotlet hen so she’s under quarantine in the bedroom.  Three very young gouldian finches also came home from the show with me, as I really need some more females.  These were uncolored and sex was unknown.  One looked like the little bit of belly coloring was rather light so I thought that one was a hen.  The other two didn’t show any signs of being males yet, so I figured I’d just take a chance.  I don’t like buying gouldians that are not colored in (nor will I sell them at that stage) because I feel they may be a bit more fragile then, but on a positive note you are SURE they are young.  So those three are also part of the quarantined crew.

A few days ago Scott and I were sitting at the table in the dining room and I was watching these three new gouldians.  One began doing the hopping bit that the males do.  Rats!  I had put different colored plastic bands on their left legs when I got them home initially, so if I did see any signs of one being a male I could tell which one it was and make note of it.  So Purple Band is a male.  Next day, another was hopping!  So two of the three are for sure males.  Bummer.  I only have a couple hens left of my own, but plenty of males, so now it’s crucial that I breed mine and then pair the kids up with these kids.

Once the show was behind us, I had to add all the new product I’d made to my etsy shop.  That necessity gave me the push I needed to redo my old pictures as well, because I wanted to have plain, light backgrounds.  It took me all of last week to get this done.  I finished on Saturday night about 7 PM.  Everything seems to take longer than what you assume!  The backgrounds could still be better, but they are a LOT better than what I had.

Next up was to figure out what the trick to getting noticed on etsy entailed.  Luckily there are a couple ladies, gurus of the homemade world, that do seminars online.  I have taken advantage of a couple of these free seminars before, and they just offered one on SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization.  I’ve learned a lot these past few days, and was up till after midnight last night redoing my titles, keywords, and tags on my etsy products.  Re-tweaked them again today and I’m comfortable enough with it now to let it go for a bit and see what happens.  Check out my etsy shop to see the new stuff and updated look.

I signed up to do a local craft show in December.  It’s in the next town over, so even if I’m handfeeding some kids at the time I will be able to have Scott come down and take my place while I rush home and feed the kids.  So now I have a bit MORE product to make, because I want to try something new.  Never-ending, but I do enjoy creating things and feel like someday something I make will be THE thing that clicks and works.

My son and his fiance came up this past Sunday and we carved pumpkins.  That’s something Alex and I have done together almost every year since he was a little kid.  I think we may have missed one or two years only, and he’s 31 so that’s pretty cool.  I did two big pumpkins and Alex and Kristy each did one.  They came out great and it was a really nice day.  Spotticus is still behaving very well with Kristy.  It’s amazing!  She’s the only person he’s ever accepted other than his little family unit.  It will make the holidays much nicer without having to worry about that!

So that pretty much catches us up to date.  I will do better with blogging.  OK, I will try.  🙂


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