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12-15-16: Baby, it’s cold outside — December 15, 2016

12-15-16: Baby, it’s cold outside

We’ve been pretty lucky so far this winter.  I know, technically winter hasn’t actually started yet according to the calendar but, let’s face it, it’s winter in NH.  We had about 7″ of snow a few days ago, so we are certainly looking like winter.  But we have been lucky thus far.  Temps had been in the high 20’s up here and to me, that’s nothing to complain about.  We are, however, in for a change.  It’s already started and only going to get worse tomorrow.  14 degrees right now and the wind is just howling!  The scanner is warning of white-out conditions and we are having our own out here every few minutes.

I went out to check on the chickens and the wind suddenly kicked up so I couldn’t even see the coop 20 feet ahead of me!  I also watched as the relentless wind blew over a pole that was stuck in the ground with a solar light on top.  When I finally made my way over to the chicken coop I found all of them inside except for the one “puffhead” that has been picked on lately.  She was out in their yard, in the area under the coop where we have plexiglass or wood over the fencing for a winter wind buffer.  I suspect it will not be too difficult to coax them all inside tonight.  Tomorrow is expected to be about 20 below zero with the wind-chill.  We don’t mind the snow and “normal” cold, but this bitter cold stuff is the pits.

I’m happy to say that my hubby is finally getting better!  He had the flu really bad in November and it knocked him out for about two weeks.  When we finally thought he was getting better it nailed him again about a week later.  A month of being incapacitated is too much, and scary as well, so although we don’t “do” doctors, he went this past Monday.  He was told that the flu will sometimes mutate to a different variant which will then hit you when the original bout is pretty much over.  Or the flu can lead to pneumonia or another bacterial infection.  He was given antibiotics and is now feeling much better, he just has to take it really easy to regain his strength.  Fingers are crossed, but I hope this is the end of it and he can enjoy life again.

The baby Timneh African Greys are doing really well.  I was so afraid I was going to lose that youngest one, in particular.  To think he was only 10 grams and cold and a bit stiff… and now he’s 27 days old and 138 grams!   I feel very fortunate.  Aren’t they adorable?121516compilation

I love having the Christmas tree up!   This one does a very subtle, gradual change, from a soft white to pastel colors and finally to bright colors.  I remember the old days of flashing lights and, while I loved those at the time, this gradual morphing is really nice.  My tree has mostly homemade decorations, but there are a few oldies from when I was a kid as well as a bunch of glitzy, glittery BIRDS.  Glitz and glitter are good at Christmas, and it makes for a nice mix on the tree.  The tree is usually up for about a month, and I remember when that seemed like a long time.  Now it seems as if that month flies by and I could easily leave it up for another month and not be sick of it.  However, I do love getting the space back as well.  I’ve always thought it would be really cool to win Megabucks and be so rich you could have a huge house with big rooms and have many trees at Christmas, all with different themes.  Maybe have a really stunning tree that had it’s own room where it could just stay up all year round and lift your spirits whenever you felt a bit down.  🙂

I’d like to wish a Merry Christmas to all who may be reading this.  Happy holidays, happy Quanza, Happy Hanukkah… whatever you may celebrate!  And you can wish me a happy “whatever” as well, because it’s the sentiment that counts, not the particular name.  Let’s all hope and pray for a wonderful new year as well.  If we could all try to be just a little bit nicer, think how much better the world could be.