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9-27-16: Long time, no blog — September 27, 2016

9-27-16: Long time, no blog

It’s been almost a month since my last blog, so today I’m just going to put my email on hold for a bit and get to it.

First on my mind is last night’s debate between Trump and Clinton, our two less-than-stellar choices for president.  I don’t normally comment on politics here because I don’t believe anyone ever really changes another person’s opinion and, since the country is divided pretty much in two politically, I am almost guaranteed to piss off half the people.  But, what the heck.

We watched the debate, or at least I watched it in its entirety while Scott I think watched the back of his eyelids for the last 10 minutes or so.  My take-away was pretty much that I still wish there was another viable alternative but since there is not then Trump gets my vote.  Sure, there are a couple other names out there, but no way are they going to win and I refuse to throw away my vote.  This election is too important.  The country is already so far removed from the America I grew up in that we just can’t afford four more years continuing down that path.

Was everything great when I grew up?  No, but there was always the truth that no matter who you were or how you grew up, if you worked hard and never gave up you COULD make something of yourself and get ahead.  That no longer seems to be the case.  Government is bigger than ever and promises to continue on that path unless something changes.  Individual long-held rights seem to be in jeopardy, even as rights are granted to the most far-fetched circumstances and situations.  It’s not ok for a kid to read a bible in school but it’s ok to teach Islam.  A kid mentions a “brownie” at snack time and is reprimanded for racist talk.  The world is crazy.  Common sense is in short supply.

At any rate, I doubt very much anyone had their opinion changed due to last night’s debate.  If you were for Hillary at the start, you likely ended that way.  Same for Trump.  I wish Trump had been less distracted by her attacks so that he might have gotten in more of his own points, but it was his first such debate and hopefully he will allow himself to be a bit more schooled for the next two.  It was plain that Hillary had done a LOT of practicing and she managed to get all her attack points out there.  This is not her first rodeo and it showed.

I was not surprised last night after the debate to hear most of the pundits give the victory to Hillary, though many conceded that Trump had not really done himself much damage, either.  I was surprised a short time ago to read online that many polls taken after the debate gave Trump the win.  Really?  Maybe that just goes along with my thoughts that the debates really don’t change any minds.  This morning, Good Morning America seemed to echo last night’s pundits in saying Hillary had won.  Then one of the women on GMA made a comment about Trump’s language, and how she had to look up “braggadocious” because she thought he’d made it up.  That caused me to shake my head a bit.  Really?  Of course that is a legit word!  But before I start thinking I’m clever, I thought his use of “bigly” – which he has said before – was an error.  Time for me to have a red face because I just checked and it IS a word!  Who knew?  It just doesn’t sound right to me but, he is no fool and despite what one may think of him, he is a smart man.

Speaking of all the politics of late, who is sick to death of the phone calls and polls?  I usually don’t mind most of them.  Especially when they are the recorded type where you can simply hit a button for your response.  The ones where you are stuck speaking to a live human who often cannot pronounce the candidates’ names (especially when it comes to the local elections – can you say Ayotte?) are getting annoying.  Sunday night we had a call after 8:00, asking for my son, who is currently staying with us.  He did not want to spend the time on a polling call so I passed that on and hung up.  He gets up early to go to work, so he’s in bed usually by 9:30.  Around 10:45 the same people called for him again.  I rushed to grab the phone since by then hubby was also in bed asleep.  They asked for Alex, and I said, “Don’t you think it’s a wee bit late to be calling?”   The man said, “I’m sorry, Ma’am, but we have to get a certain number of calls in before they let us leave.”   I said, “well it’s too late.  Goodnight.”  After I fed the kids at 11:00 I went to bed.  About 20 minutes later the phone woke me.  Same damn people.   I hissed into the phone, ” if you people call here again tonight I will SCREAM.  People are trying to sleep here!”    That’s crazy that they expect these folks to make calls into the late night hours.  Even crazier that they can imagine it will put anyone into the right frame of mind for answering their multitude of questions.

I’m also very tired of the polls that are so obviously slanted for one candidate.  You know the ones.  They ask if you’re voting for A or B.  I say B, the republican.  Then you get the qualifiers… “If I told you that candidate B was recently convicted of murdering baby seals and torturing puppies, would that make a slight difference, more of a difference, or no difference at all in your vote?”     OK, I took some liberties with the question, but that is the gist.  I guess that’s enough politics.  I know it’s about all I can stand.

We had our first good frost yesterday morning.  The furnace even kicked on!  We had brought all the houseplants onto the porch the night before and bug bombed.  That way anything that might have found a home on the plants during the summer doesn’t come into the house.  Yesterday I hung up the hanging plants.  I have a few bigger houseplants that will wait a few more days.  Have to do a bit of rearranging to fit them back in.

The garden was better than many years but not as great as it could have been.  I already have my plan for next year, which boils down to more tomatoes and pumpkins and less squash (except for Kuta).  I’m done trying for cukes.  They just don’t do well up here and they are so cheap locally it’s a waste of space and effort. The only pumpkins that grew for me this year were the small, cooking-types.  I got three of those. So they are out in the front entryway along with some mums.  A last bit of color before it turns much colder.

The trees are just beginning to turn up here as well.  The summer has been so much drier than normal I wonder how the foliage is going to be this year.  So far I’m seeing some maroons but no yellows or oranges.

I’m feeding the last clutch of parrotlets for the year.  Unless the greys do something this may be it for handfeeding for a bit.  I can’t say I’d mind a break.  I’ve been handfeeding continuously for quite a few months straight now.  There may be some news on the bird front soon, too.  A possible addition to the flock.  I’ll leave with that teaser hanging in the air.

Until next time, make sure you smell the roses.


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