There are lots of babies in the house right now!  There are parrotlets in the nest, as well as eggs in another nest, canaries in the nest, budgies being handfed, and angelfish fry!

The two parrotlet kids I’ve been handfeeding are due to go home this weekend.  This is one of those matches made in heaven where I am thrilled with where they are going.  The lady is married to a vet and used to have a parrotlet so understands the care they need.  Plus they are taking both girls, which is super.  The two girls are going to do great with them.  I’ve been sending her pix almost every day and it’s so nice to have someone that is excited about their kids and has everything ready.  071716PletKids01The kids are just gorgeous and so sweet, too!

The parents of these two are on another clutch right now.  I know they have at least four eggs, but suspect there are more.  Looks like I’ll be handfeeding for a while to come.

The five budgies I’m feeding are still little lunatics.  They sure do get excited at feeding time!  They squawk and make a ton of noise and are so excited they usually grab onto me like little vultures.  They are down to four feedings a day, and I have seen a couple of the older ones picking at millet.  Looking forward to them being weaned.

I was given another budgie this past weekend.  A lovely green hen (I think – the jury is still out on that one) named Sprite, who appears to be a dominant pied, and is really very pretty.  I’d like to pair Sprite with one of the kids I’m handfeeding, but until I know for sure what the sex is that could be a bit risky.

The parrotlet pair with babies (four that I know of) is the pair I had made up from two of my pairs’ kids last year.  I had tried to sell the pair at the last BOAF (Birds of a Feather) show but had no takers.  Too bad, they could have doubled their money on just one clutch.  I knew they would be a good pair because they had been handfed and raised together so were extremely bonded.  As soon as I gave them a box they went to nest, laid 7 eggs, and have hatched four babies.  So far I’ve only really gotten one quick look (and a picture) but all seems to be going well.071716ParrotletKidsHow cute are they!?

The angelfish pair laid eggs on July 13th.  They had originally surprised me by spawning when they were in the 29 gallon community tank.  I was totally unprepared and the fry didn’t make it.  So I moved the pair to my 20 gallon tank, got them a piece of slate to lay the eggs on, and waited.  Finally, eggs were laid and at this point there must be a hundred tiny little fry swimming around.  The only wrinkle is that the baby brine shrimp the fry should be eating are not hatching out as expected in the little hatchery.  My eggs are over ten years old, but have been kept in the freezer.  When I hatched some before, I had been pleased that they did hatch.  I figured I was all set for when the angels spawned again.  So why are the eggs now hatching so poorly?  Murphy’s Law?

Luckily I have some dry fry food that I am giving to the kids, but it is not ideal and I have ordered more brine shrimp eggs in the meantime.  I’m guessing the fry must be eating some of the dry fry food or surely they’d have all died already.  But really, this is such a learning experience.

I’ve been very fortunate to have some expert advice from a guy named Paul.  I watched one of his videos on You Tube and emailed him.  He’s been super about answering my many questions and giving me advice.  Nice to know I’m not the only one that answers questions when newbies ask – in my case about birds and in Paul’s case about fish fry.  I see so many people online be rude when people ask questions.  Yes, it takes time to answer.  And yes, sometimes it’s tedious to answer the same questions a million times.  But if people didn’t want to learn, they wouldn’t be asking.  Anyway, off my soapbox now, but I feel very fortunate to have found someone willing to share their knowledge.  071916AngelFry03.jpgAll those dark things to the right of the fish?  Babies!  LOL.  So cute!  I got nervous yesterday when I saw one of the parents seeming to be a bit over-zealous in gathering the wandering fry (in their mouth) and they didn’t seem to always be spitting them back out!  So I distracted the parents with some food and nabbed a net full of kids to transfer to a five gallon tank.  Hedging my bets.  There may be a hundred or more kids, but honestly I’ll be happy if half a dozen make it to the point where they resemble angelfish!

It’s already mid-July so the summer is going by quickly, as all time seems to do.  The garden got a very late start but is finally looking a bit more promising.  The flowers in the yard are all looking really nice, too.

Scott got me a piece of wood and I made a sign for the small chicken coop, designed to give them a bit of shade.  Along with moving our big metal rooster on the same side of their yard as the sign, they now have a bit of shade on those super hot days. I like it!071516BantyShanty.jpg


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