Why is this “Bloggy Blog Blog”?   Beats me; it’s just what popped into my head a few minutes ago when I booted up the PC and thought, “it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, so I really should” even though there was nothing earth-shattering to post.  Then again, is there ever?  So let me just start and see where it goes.

I heard one of the barred rock chicks, now 8 weeks old, trying to crow this morning.  You’d probably think it a pathetic attempt, unless you like animals like I do.  In that case it’s “awww, how cute!!!”   At this point the mostly white cochin has been disposed of as a rooster, and it really looks like three of the four barred rock kids are roosters as well.  The “puffhead” is still up in the air.  I’m really hoping it’s a hen.   We plan to keep any hens as well as one barred rock rooster, so that next year we can hopefully produce more barred rocks.  Maybe we’ll even get lucky and manage to produce more than 25% hens!

Inside birds are doing well.  Three lovely canary kids in the nest, two of which have crests which make them look like little Beatles.  The three are highly variegated with lots of yellow, which is my personal favorite. 062116CanaryKids12DaysOldThey were 12 days old yesterday, when this picture was taken.

The budgie pair I was given now have hatched their fifth baby.  Lousy picture here, but I’m forced to slide open the end door and snap a pic really quick because Mom is not impressed with me being a nosebag!062116FiveBabyBudgiesHowever, despite the blur I think if you look close you can count all five. In order of hatching (from top of pic to bottom), we have fourth, third, second, first, and fifth.  I’m going to need to pull the oldest soon to band, but Mama is going to be mighty irritated!

The parrotlet kids, two blues, were pulled last Sunday for handfeeding.  They are doing great and are now 19 and 20 days old. 062116Plets18And19DaysOldThis picture was taken yesterday.  So far it looks like two hens.  What sweet little faces they have.

Today is a very important birthday.  Our favorite furball, Spotticus, is SEVEN years old today!!!   He is truly the best dog we’ve ever had, in spite of his obnoxious behavior to anyone but his “immediate” family.  He loves Scott and Alex, and I think his Mama (that would be ME) is his favorite.  🙂  So we can overlook his attempts to terrorize any other human he sees.  That would include those he catches glimpses of across the street and any delivery person that dares to enter the driveway, let alone actually come to the door!   We love him to pieces.  He is a huge part of the family.  I will make a cake later to mark the occasion, and Spot himself will get his favorite treats.061816SpotAndTheMamasLegsThat’s my boy!  (At my feet, as usual!)

Last week I had been amazed to find that my angelfish pair in my 29 gallon community tank had managed to hatch eggs!   Even now after having read numerous articles on how to sex angelfish I still can’t say which is which, so this was really a cool thing to happen.  I removed all the other fish, which created havoc and I’m shocked I didn’t lose all the kids in the ensuing chaos.  There were still maybe a dozen fish or more to be seen, however.  At that point they were not free-swimming yet.  The only other egg-laying fish I’d ever managed to breed were bettas, so I immediately began searching for info.  I did find one You Tube video that I found well done, so I emailed the poster of said video.  I was hoping that, like me, he has no problem sharing what he knows with those who ask.  I was very happy to find that he IS, and through several emails I have learned a lot already.

One thing I learned was I’d better find my brine shrimp hatching equipment that Scott had made for me back when I was breeding the bettas, because the angels apparently need freshly hatched brine shrimp to start out in life.  In case you’re not familiar with these, they are the “Sea Monkeys” of our youth – well, IF you are old enough to remember them.  I can assure you that actual brine shrimp do not smile and play as the old ads used to depict them!     I found the equipment yesterday and set it up, though I did need Scott to free up the valve used in the process, and now it’s a matter of waiting a bit longer to see if they hatch or if brine shrimp eggs do NOT last a decade in the freezer.

I’m thinking this particular hatch of angels will probably not make it – and in fact I have not seen a baby for the last two days now.  I am told by my expert, though, that it’s not uncommon for them to disappear in the tank, only to find each other and school together days later.  I do know the parents don’t seem to be fry-eaters, since I watched them sucking kids into their mouths and spitting them out in the area where they were trying to keep them corralled.  I’m told that if they do that rather than eating them, they will probably continue to be good parents.

Bottom line is that much like when dealing with the birds, I have already learned invaluable information from this.  I now know: 1) I have an actual pair; 2) they managed to lay and hatch eggs; and 3) they appear to be good parents.  Angelfish can apparently lay eggs every week to ten days, though they may not do so when they already have kids.  I’m better prepared now – or will be once I get the brine shrimp situation under control – and I’m hopeful that even if there are no kids remaining of this hatch, I will be able to successfully breed them in the near future.

Most of my “news” always concerns the critters, doesn’t it?   Hey, that’s my life.

This past weekend the guys were off fishing (the new boat has proven to be a real cheap thrill for them, which is great!) and I looked outside to see a BIG bear (not the biggest, I’m sure, but big enough!) hanging around outside our fence in the lower yard.  I grabbed my good camera because that area is at least 100′ away so I needed to be able to zoom in, and ran out onto the deck.  Turned my camera on and of course the battery was dead.  I should add that  Mr. Bear sees me and does not care.  He continues about his business, checking things out.  I go inside and try to remember where I put my camera case when I removed it from Alex’s old room which is once again his current room.  Takes a minute and I think I remember and lo and behold I am right.  Grab the spare battery and swap it for the dead one and head back out.  I spent the next ten minutes taking pix of Mr. Bear.  Once I’d taken a few that I thought would be decent, I peppered my snapping of pix with intermittent arm-flapping and hooting and hollering.  Such a good thing we have no close neighbors to see the insane lady performing on her deck.  Anyway, Mr. Bear hears me, sees me, and cares not.  Now I didn’t go back in and grab the air horn, because I’ve done so in the past and THAT Mr. Bear also cared not, even when I was blowing his brains out with the air horn.  It did, however, scare me half to death, and I was the one pressing the trigger on it!061816Bear17.jpgThe stump is 3′ tall.

061816Bear08I would prefer to see Mr. Bear at Clark’s Trading Post, not in my backyard.  My garden is mainly down in this lower area of the yard, and from now on I’ll be putting on another show by talking loudly whenever I am approaching that area, or singing, or blowing that damn air horn.  Probably flapping my arms, too.   I have an uneasy feeling that this bear really won’t care, and may just stop and watch the crazy lady put on a show.

Till next time,



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