I just finished making a store front on Etsy.com.   If you feel like checking it out, the store name is NitasNestCreations.    I believe you can go to Etsy.com and type the store name in the search box and my store will come up.  I confess I am very new to the whole Etsy thing and really only have half a clue as to how it all works at this point.  Like everything else, I’m sure it will get easier the more I do there.  I really needed another venue for selling my bird-themed craft items, since doing only two shows every year is not really enough but we really have no desire to branch out farther.  Southern NH is far enough.  🙂

So far I have only listed our clocks on Etsy.  I have key racks and other things to list, but at least I have the store-front and a start.  Taking the pictures and getting them prepped is the biggest time consumer.

The weather has suddenly turned warm and it’s actually 82 degrees out here this afternoon.  Of course the black flies are out in full force as well, and can practically carry you away.   I hate bugs that bite and I hate bug spray even more.  Thank God for a screened-in porch!

I bought some tomato plants yesterday as well as a couple flats of marigolds and petunias.  I have my garden planned out but will wait till after the next full moon (the 21st) before even thinking about planting it.  I think the marigolds and petunias should be able to go out sooner, though.  They are going in flower boxes, with one at the end of each chicken coop.  It’s a nice splash of color all summer long and looks nice against the brown coops.

The chicks are now in their little coop, with a heat light hanging in the middle.  They can go under the light when needed, but today the remote thermometer tells me it’s about 116 degrees directly under the light!  I went and checked on them and they are all at the far end from the light.  I’ll be glad when they no longer need any supplemental heat at all.  They are 3 weeks old now so they have a few more weeks to go.

One of the chicks has some issue with his neck, too.  Looking online I find it may be what is called “wry neck” and is also known by several other names.  We have decided that he either comes out of it on his own or will probably die.  The various “remedies” all seemed a bit “iffy” with varying degrees of success resulting.  He is not as bad as some, going by the pictures I found.  The other 6 look great and are really growing well.

My little gouldian finch that I’ve been handfeeding after she got tossed and rejected by her foster parent societies is doing great!  She is all feathered and getting around very well in the cage now.  However, I think she knows she’s got a good thing going and is showing no sign of having any interest in feeding herself.  I’m still feeding her every 4 hours during the day, and as each feeding approaches she makes quite a ruckus begging for her meal.  I hope I won’t still be feeding her in a month!

The two parrotlets both went to new homes last weekend.  This weekend one of the gouldians that is all colored up is due to be picked up.  Less mouths to feed is always good.  🙂

I have two pair of parrotlets laying now, too.  The pied pair that gave me the last two kids is laying and so are my blue pair.  So we will have more kids to feed in another month or so.

I had to separate Winnie, the timneh hen, from Griff last weekend.  She had suddenly decided to go after him with evil intentions.  So poor Griff is now alone in the cage and she is set up in a smaller cage next to him.  The hope is that he’ll get some territorial dominance over his cage and when I let her back with him in a week or two he will be more inclined to defend himself.  If it doesn’t work, she will have to be rehomed, because I am not willing to let her intimidate my Griff.  He was one of Ziggy and Paco’s kids that I handfed and kept, and he’s a good boy and doesn’t deserve to be treated that way.  Perhaps he is not meant to be a daddy.

The outside birds are all very happy.  The swallows were out picking up nesting material this morning, though I have no clue which nest they have decided to claim.  I did see one of them buzzing a bird house this morning, but it is one that is already inhabited by a pair of chickadees!   So that didn’t go over well.  I believe the chickadees are sitting now, or may even have small babies already.  I’m sure whoever was inside let it be known that he was not leaving, since the swallow never made the attempt to actually go inside but it took awhile before he gave up.   We have a million houses out here, and yet they always seem to fight over a few of them.

I got ten “feeder” goldfish and added them to the goldfish “pond” yesterday, along with five larger goldfish that were pulled from the pond last fall and placed into an aquarium in our bedroom for the winter.  The pond is small – one of those pre-shaped ones you buy that holds somewhere around 100 gallons of water.  We have a second, smaller one up above it, set up so that the water flows from the top to the bottom and there is a recirculating pump/filter that keeps it going.  Small but nice.  I love the sound of the water splashing, and the wild birds seem to like bathing and getting drinks from it, too.

For Mother’s Day my son got me another whirligig bird – a crow.  It’s really nice.  Black with purple accents on the wings.  He’d gotten me a bright pink flamingo one for my birthday, so now we have 3 of them right outside the living room window – the flamingo, a dragon, and the crow.  It takes very little wind to get them going, and since we always seem to have tons of wind up here they are almost always going full steam ahead.  We also have a pretty Oriole that is set up over near one of the chicken coops.

Our game cameras took pix of a bobcat out here last week.  And Mr. Bear, Mr. Skunk, and Foxy Loxy.  All the wildlife is happy winter is over.  Aren’t we all?