I thought it was time for an update on what’s happening with the birds.  It’s also been far too long since I’ve done a blog.  As I’ve noted in the past, if I could write down all the thoughts that go through my head while I am tending the birds in the morning, the blogs would write themselves and be posted almost daily.  Doing the bird chores is highly conducive to thinking.  Sitting down to actually write a blog?  Not so much.  But I shall soldier on.

First an update on the Winnie and Griff situation.  Recall that these are the timneh greys that were only housed together in the past month, with Griff being one of my kids and Winnie a much older hen I got recently.  Up until a couple days ago, they pretty much kept to their own space in the cage.  If Griff got too close – or a toy suprised her by moving over her head – Winnie would growl and panic.  Griff would just look at her with curiosity and may have been wondering what the heck her problem was.  A couple days ago, I was walking past the birdroom and they were beak to beak!  I think Griff was on the side of the cage and she was on a perch, or vice versa, and they were just beak to beak without any growling or carrying on.  No aggression – it looked like they were just checking each other out up close.  Granted it didn’t last long – just a few minutes – before Winnie chickened out and retreated with a bit of a squawk, but it’s a start.  Winnie is also eating so much better now!  I’m really happy I was able to get her to try a lot of different things that are good for her.

The parrotlet kids are both leaving this weekend to go to their new homes.  They are six weeks old and doing great.  The dilute turquoise male is a real looker!  Quite stunning.  The green hen was sampling the Beans/Rice/Veggie mix today, which I thought was fantastic!  Her little brother watched but did not join her.  He’s a bit younger but I’ll be working on him every day till he leaves.  When they are babies is the time to introduce them to all the good stuff, and what a joy to get a bird that will actually eat things that are good for them and not just seeds.050516ParrotletKids03

I’ve also been handfeeding a gouldian that was kicked out of the nest where a pair of societies had been raising him.  I’d found him on the cage floor one day, but chalked it up to an accidental ejection.   I simply put him back and everyone seemed content.  But when I found him on the floor again a few days later, he was ice cold and his crop was empty. I could also feel his keel bone more prominently than I’d like, so it seemed they were no longer doing a great job raising him.  So up to the plate I stepped.  I grabbed him and tried to warm him up in my hand while scrambling to get the brooder set up.  This happened on May 2nd, and we are now three days later and he’s doing great.  I’m now feeding him every four hours and he’s put some weight on and filled out a bit.  He should be about 3 weeks and a day or two old, so would have been almost ready to fledge about now.  I stuck a piece of millet in the brooder with him today because I’m hoping it won’t be long before he starts checking things out. 050516GouldianHF01

The other news on the bird front is that I was given a pair of budgies last night and they are now being quarantined in the living room.  A woman had the pair and they actually bred for her, despite being the only birds she had.  She was surprised to learn that is not that common, and that usually budgies need to hear or see other budgies to get them in the breeding mood.  I was hesitant to take them at first, but now that they’re here I’m enjoying the chatter.  With any luck  they will breed here and I will be able to handfeed some kids again.  It’s been many years.  050516BudgiePair03

It’s been rather cool and raw and rainy for the past week and, despite the fact that I know it will bring black flies, I’m still looking forward to sunshine and warmer weather.  Not too warm, mind you, but 60 degrees would be very nice!

My son got me a lovely pink flamingo wind spinner for my birthday, and I’m looking forward to having it placed in the yard this weekend.  We have an oriole and a dragon already, and they are really nice additions to the yard.  The flamingo will be gorgeous!

I’d also like to get the bantam chicks out into the small coop this weekend, but we’ve been hesitant because of the cold, raw weather.  They will have a heat lamp of course, but it still needs to be relatively decent weather for the big move.  They are doing really well, though, and are super cute!050316Chicks13DaysOld03.jpg

I’d like to wish an early Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there, too.  Even though it may sometimes seem like nobody appreciates the things you do, you really are the key to whether a home is a happy, welcoming place to be.  Moms really are the heart of the family.  🙂

Till next time,

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