Brrriiiiiiing Brrriiiiiing

Check caller ID…  somewhere in Mass… could be bird-related or Scanalex-related…


“Hello, this is Bridget,”  is all I hear before  I slam the phone down and color the air with expletives the likes of which would cause Bridget to faint dead away if indeed there was a Bridget and not some disembodied, irritating telemarketing Bridget-recording that has plagued most of us for years now.

“Rachel” is one of Bridget’s recording buddies that is also cause for an immediate slamming of the phone.

Since they have learned how to spam and spoof the caller ID you really have no way of knowing anymore.  Often it looks like a local number.  Once it was even MY number!  I had to pick that one up out of curiosity, but now I know better.

I have stayed on the line and waited for an opportunity to show an inclination to talk to a human about whatever deal they are currently hawking…

  • I’ve tried being nice.  “Please remove me from your call list.”   They hung up.
  • I’ve tried ranting and raving, which I won’t repeat but let’s just say it colored the air again.  They not only hung up but first told me to do something physically impossible.
  • And I’ve tried setting the phone down, hoping to waste enough of their time that they would remove me from their list of their own accord.  Apparently that didn’t work either.

So there is nothing to be done but slam the phone down and move on.  Nothing to see here, folks.  That colored air turning into a black cloud?  Pay it no heed.  It will dissipate.