One and a half billion dollars.  Billion with a B.  Wow.  Who didn’t dare dream about what they could do with a piece of that pot?  I know I did.  Sure, the odds were 292 million to one, but so what?  It turns out that there were three winning tickets, so the odds meant nothing  – three times.  You can’t win if you don’t play, so why not?  As it turns out, we had about 10 chances, and got ONE number on ONE ticket!   LOL.  That’s okay, though, I’m very happy for whoever did win, and I hope each of those tickets represents a group of people that pooled their money so that more people will benefit.  With all the million dollar winners and other lower tiered winners, I think there are plenty of people feeling a bit luckier today.

I did have fun imagining what I’d do with that kind of money, though.  I’d love to open a bowling alley in the next town.  It is something that is lacking in this area and would be a great addition.  It would put some people to work and give people a place to go enjoy themselves and even get some exercise.

We’d also build a new house, right here in the same spot.  We love it here, but how cool would it be to be able to build a house exactly the way you want it?  A big square house with a finished cellar and a big woodstove right in the center of it, so all of that lovely heat would help heat the rest of the place.  And the cellar would be a big playroom with a ping pong table and pool table.  Maybe a skee ball setup!  Main floor would have a huge kitchen with tons of counter space.  An open porch off the second floor so you’d have a view even closer to heaven.  A screened porch wrapped around 3/4 of the first floor. A generator that would kick in automatically when we lost power.  A four car garage so we could actually keep our vehicles out of the elements plus have room for lawn mowers and other stuff.  A big workshop, heated.  Maybe a screw machine shop right here on the property, or a training facility.  Ooh, how about a separate heated building as a birdroom?  And a big fence around the whole yard so I would be able to have peace of mind with a loose dog, and not have to worry about a bear coming too close.  The possibilities are endless.  And it’s fun to dream.

Think how great it would be to donate to really worthwhile causes, too.  I’d want to donate to our little town, first of all.  And to Mike Rowe Works. I think what he does makes such good sense.  And how cool would it be the first time I ran into that veteran collecting in front of Walmart?  I always give to him now, but it would be so cool if instead of giving him a five I could give him something substantial.  Not to mention the Salvation Army…

It’s good to dream.  🙂