“If I stayed home I’d be bored stiff.”  Have you ever had someone tell you that?  I stay home, and believe me, I am far from bored.  I honestly cannot imagine how anyone could be bored being home.

Take today, for instance.  It’s Monday, so it’s a cage cleaning day  followed by a vacuuming day, which all  run concurrently with a laundry day.  When those are done I go check the chickens, changing out their water  and topping off their food as needed, along with checking for eggs and just a general eye-balling of the flock in general.  Tending the woodstove is also on my list of things to do, and I usually toss in 3 more pieces of firewood every two hours.  Right now I have Tracker, the timneh grey, so I’m also interacting with him pretty frequently.  I’m really trying to get him to be self-sufficient in the eating department, so giving him something new and often handing him a few bites of something to get him going are things I do every couple of hours.

It’s now 11:00 and I just finished up the first round of chores and booted up my PC.  Almost noon!  Haven’t had a chance to be bored yet!

Having the birds usually involves something extra to do as well.  When I’m handfeeding, it obviously ties me to the house and to an additional schedule, but there are other things as well.  Today, for instance, I had the unfortunate experience of finding my pied female parrotlet in tough shape.  I believe she is probably egg-bound.  As soon as I saw her looking pathetic on the floor, I immediately gave her a few drops of liquid calcium and placed her into the nestbox where it will be warmer.  I set my timer for an hour and checked on her when it went off.  One more drop of calcium was put directly into her beak, but I noted she actually had a spark of life this time.  The timer is set again, and if she isn’t looking better still, I will have to set up a brooder for the extra heat for her.  In the meantime, I bypassed the thermostat and upped the degrees by one just to have the furnace kick on.  That will make the birdroom fairly toasty for a bit.  Fingers are crossed that she is ok.

There is another pair of parrotlets nesting as well, so I give them a quick peek to make sure she looks ok. Not an easy task, because she is the parrotlet from hell, Opal.  I do believe she is part demon.

I’m also keeping an eye on the dining room flight, because I found a dead chick on the floor yesterday.  It had a full crop so it may have simply gotten dragged out of the nest by accident.  It happens.  It looked no more than a day or two old and I think it was a gouldian – which would be the second clutch for the pair in the flight.  Their four kids from the first clutch are doing really well and seem quite healthy.  They have been weaned for some time and are still in the flight.  Often the older babies will end up helping to feed the next clutch, which to me is a wonderful thing!  Gouldians have a bit of a reputation as not being the best parents, but I find it usually just takes them a few times to figure things out.  For older kids to help feed babies is a great introduction to them on how to be good parents in the future.  Anyway, I’ve been keeping a close eye to see if anybody else ends up on the floor, but so far there have not been any others.  I keep listening to try to hear other kids, but I can never hear the gouldian chicks till they are about five days old, so I think even if there are more I simply wouldn’t be able to hear them yet.

I’m also trying to get a look at Ziggy’s eggs.  She has four, but only one looked to be fertile when I finally got a look over a week ago.  I’d love to know if that is still the status of the clutch, but she will not budge!  Yes, that makes her a great mom, but it’s a bit frustrating for me.  If I could just catch her out of the box…

The chickens have their own drama going on.  It was last Friday, I think, that I noticed the black hen (one of the first girls we hatched, not one of the most recent chicks) had a bloodied face and comb, and I immediately suspected the Roo of being a bully.  That is not the word I used, but I try to keep this rated G. 🙂  Later she was actually hiding in the corner, next to the water – the same little nook where anyone goes that is being picked on since it offers them a small amount of protection.  I told Scott about it and we decided to move Roo to the small coop for a few days to let the hen  recuperate as much as possible.  So Scott netted him and tossed him into the small coop, after giving him a stern talking to.  I don’t know that the reprimand had any effect, but I do think they realize being alone in the small coop is some sort of prison as a result of their transgressions.  This was no biggie over the weekend because we had this crazy warm weather –  warm enough to rain, at least –  so we had no worries about Roo’s water freezing.  Today we are back to 22 degrees and this means I go out every 3 hours or so to dump the ice and give Roo some water.

Bored?  Yeah, right!

It seems to me that it would be fantastic to have twice as many hours in each day.  You notice I have not written a blog since New Year’s?   It’s not because I was bored and had nothing to write about; I simply did not find the time.  Today I decided I would make the time, period.

Let me add one more complaint before I wrap this up.  How can anyone spend an entire week watching what they eat and having NOTHING to eat after supper, and manage to GAIN four tenths of a pound?????   I expected to be pleased with a  couple of pounds gone, and instead find I gained nearly a half pound.  I am not giving up, however, but I still find it revolting.

The laundry just buzzed, so it’s my cue to end this.