Another year gone; another new year on which to focus those hopes and dreams that seem fairly attainable when the new year is so fresh.  Losing weight is usually one of those goals, whether you’ve lost and regained that same ten pounds countless times or whether it’s that same ten plus twenty or thirty more.  The funny thing is that if we remember back to when we first thought we needed to lose weight, if we could only get back to THAT weight we’d probably be ecstatic now!  It’s like when you are unhappy with a photograph of yourself, and then three years later you see it again and wish you looked like that NOW.  Maybe it’s just human nature to never be satisfied.  Or maybe it’s that we constantly want to better ourselves, no matter what the present situation.  The latter sounds much better.  🙂

So the tree is taken down and the living room is back to “normal” and seems so much bigger, as it does every year once the tree is gone.  We also went through our stockpile of Christmas decorations yesterday and surprisingly  came up with a ton of stuff to get rid of.  A couple trees, over twenty sets of lights, bunches of satin balls, and boxes of unopened tinsel.  If you understood what packrats we are you’d be amazed that we came up with all this stuff we can actually bear to let go.  The truly amazing thing is that no matter how much we do part with, there is still never enough room.  It seems that space is like money: whatever you have you utilize fully.

On the bird front, we still have Tracker – the handfed Timneh African Grey.  He will be twelve weeks old tomorrow.  If he’d had a sibling he’d probably be fully weaned now, but being a lone chick he is taking longer.  The competition factor among siblings really encourages weaning.  One will pick at a piece of food and the other will immediately go to check it out.  Then he picks, which makes the first one pick again, and on and on.  With a lone chick, he will sometimes sit there, moping, and call to me pathetically.  “Mama, I’m hungry.”  There can be four dishes of various foods right beside him, but with nobody spurring him on he may not eat.  Usually I will heat something up for him and offer him a few bites and then leave the dish in front of him, and most of the time that gets him going.  I have actually added back a morning formula handfeeding over the last couple days, too.  I want to add back a bit of the weight he’s recently lost.  I’d rather he take a week or two longer to wean and be healthier for the delay.

I also gave a nestbox to two pairs of parrotlets this morning.  There is a bird mart on April 3rd in Manchester, NH, put on by BOAF (Birds of a Feather bird club), and we will again have a vendor’s table there.  My parrotlet pairs are all dropping eggs like crazy, and I really haven’t wanted more kids, but giving two pairs a nestbox now should mean a few kids are ready for the mart.  One of the pairs consists of a very pretty – but ornery – female, named Opal.  It took quite a while to get her to accept a male, but she finally did.  With her, shall we say, attitude, he may be too leery of her to actually mate with her, though!  So that pair could very possibly not give me any kids.  The other pair I’ve given a box to is the pied pair.  They’ve had two clutches so far, but very few kids.  So they are not exactly over-worked by any stretch of the imagination.  We’ll see how they do this time.

I’m also hoping to raise some canaries this spring, but at best they would be unsexed if ready for the mart, so I’d rather plan on bringing any to the fall bird show instead.

I have four gouldian kids that fledged just before Christmas.  If they color up in time they may be brought to the bird mart as well.

Ziggy, the Timneh Mom, is on another clutch of eggs, but it looks as if only one is fertile.  Not liking to count my chickens before they hatch, who knows if this will result in a chick or not.  However, I dare say there is some more handfeeding in my near future, one way or the other.

We finally have snow on the ground here, thanks to the storm we had three days ago.  We got about six inches, followed by sleet for most of the day.  I believe that even if we get some more unseasonably warm weather, this will probably stay till spring.  One nice thing about setting up the parrotlets is that kids will be ready at the end of March, which makes spring seem really close.

One of the worst parts about getting older is how quickly time passes.  One of the best parts about getting older is that because time does pass so quickly, even bad things tend to be here and gone quickly.  And on that note, I wish you all a very Happy New Year.  May the good things go by slowly, and may the bad things whiz by before they can beat you down.