We should all view the world through rose colored glasses.  I have rose colored glasses – my sunglasses – and believe me, it makes every outing more pleasant.

I had to make a quick run to Bristol this morning, which is about a 40 minute ride.  Since I am handfeeding the baby timneh grey, I only have 3 hours between feedings right now. Depending on the agenda once I arrive at my destination, it can be a hurried trip.  Today I had some business to tend to as well as hitting the grocery store for the sale items and a few oddball things only that grocery carries.  In other words, it was not a trip for killing time, but more of a “get ‘er done!” excursion.  However, with my rose colored glasses it turned into a GOOD trip.

The trees in this neck of the woods are past peak.  There are many bare branches and also lots of brownish leaves still on the trees.  Very blah to the naked eye.  But with these glasses, it’s still lovely.  The browns become a pretty orange, and there are even a few bits of red mixed in.  Really, really nice.  I go by Newfound Lake on the way, and the water surrounded by beautiful hills and the mountains in the distance is pretty no matter what time of year.  Add some glorious oranges to that and you have a sight for the eyes.

I recently made a usb drive of my favorite music, when means half is The Doors and the other half is  Luke Bryan.  This morning I forwarded to Luke and that was the icing on the cake!  A super ride to town.  🙂

Get yourself some rose colored glasses and some good tunes that make you smile, and hit the road.  Not the highway, the road.  A back road where you can gawk at the sights is the best way to travel, and luckily that’s almost every road around me.

Put those glasses on and listen to Luke.  I dare you not to smile.