I was making cookies this morning and the dining room TV was providing background noise.  As I popped another tray in the oven, I heard Steve Harvey say, “Don’t let your past hold you to your future.”   It caught my attention and I began to mull this over while working.  What a great thought!

I don’t imagine anyone has lived a life with no regrets; certainly not me.  Things we wish we’d done differently… Things we wish we’d not done at all… Things we’re not proud of…  And yet, all of those things led us to where we are right now, this minute.  If you are happy with the person you are today, then why have regrets over things that shaped the person you now are?  And if you are not happy with yourself, don’t blame the past. We can’t do a thing to change it.  Just focus on changing yourself NOW.  Be a person you are happy to be NOW.

“First do no harm.”  We think of that as from the Hippocratic Oath, though apparently it’s not technically so.  It is more likely from the Hippocratic writing, Epidemics.  Po-ta-to – po-tah-to.  Regardless, the idea is plain, and makes sense not only for physicians but for all of us.  First do no harm.  Shouldn’t that be easy?  If we all went through life following that one rule to live by, think what a wonderful world this would be.  It certainly seems that for many their motto for life is exactly the opposite, and they just charge through life leaving hurt and destruction in their wake.  Why?  A John Prine song says, “Everybody’s got to have somebody to look down on.”   We probably all do look down on someone, or some group, but I guess what makes a difference is that some are vocal about it and choose to do harm, whereas others don’t feel the need to voice every less-than-pleasant belief that may exist within.  Isn’t it all about filtering?  Some have no internal filter.

That reminds me of the current situation with Donald Trump.  He seems to lack a filter, which is a shame because many people do feel the same way he does about a  lot of things, but because he lacks that filter it turns many people off.  Ben Carson is now voicing many opinions that are on a par with Trump, but he has a filter that allows him to think before speaking.  Phrasing is everything.  Not that it’s doing him a lot of good lately, since the media appears to be on the attack when it comes to him.  The bias in the media is really amazing.  Not that it exists but that they seem to get away with it.  They focus on one remark and hammer away at it and deliberately alter the intent.

While those cookies were being baked The View came on.  Oh my word!  It should be called The ONE View.  I listened to them denigrate Ben Carson for his “victim shaming” and found myself shouting at the TV.  (Yes, I do that on occasion.)  How can we have seen the same statements and come away with such a different take on what he said?   This was in reference to the college shooting and then to his remark about the Jews.  The former was a statement that if he were there he would try to get the group to rush the gunman, because a shooter can’t kill everyone at once.  This seemed to be a crazy statement to these ladies of The View, and yet, it makes perfect sense to me.  Are you going to stand there and get picked off one at a time, or at least try to change your fate by going on the offensive?  It’s like the people on the plane during the 9-11 attacks.  Remember the “Let’s roll” call to action?  If you have a good idea you’re going to be killed anyway, then take a stand!  Yes, in that case they still crashed and died, but they probably prevented a much worse disaster.   His remark about the Jews was in reference to them having had their guns taken away, and how they might have had a chance against Hitler if they had been armed at least.  They found this to be victim shaming!  This was common sense, not shaming.  He didn’t say they could have resisted and won; it was more to the point of how if you take away a people’s guns you are leaving them at your mercy.

At any rate, my arguing with the TV did not change their attitudes, and the only thing that made me less annoyed was shutting off the TV.   My mother used to tell the story about my Dad’s mother watching the westerns on TV and remarking that it was a shame they had to kill so many Indians to make the movie.  She used to talk to the TV, too.  Should I be worried?

You’ve heard the term “ear worm”?  When you get a song into your head and keep thinking of it and hearing it?  While I love the Doors, in the past year my taste has been running to Luke Bryan.  A LOT.  I mainly listen to music in the car, and since I’m a bit of a hermit I don’t really listen that often.  However, when I do it’s usually for a fair amount of time since we live off the beaten track.  If I wake up in the night, I find that I have a Luke Bryan song in my brain.  It plays over and over as I try to remember the words.  I thought this was odd but upon mentioning it to Scott he said the same thing happens to him!   I guess maybe Luke just gets in your brain and won’t leave, which is fine by me.  So why was it Frank Sinatra that got into my brain this morning?  Specifically, My Way.  I find I know maybe half the words, and kept going over and over it, trying to recall the forgotten ones.  Weird.  I wouldn’t say I was a big Sinatra fan, though I like most music enough to listen to just about anything for a time.  But My Way???

The mind is a strange thing.