I took individual pix of the remaining parrotlet kids today and posted them on their “diary” site.  I’m glad we have them split up into two cages with three in each, because handling six at once was quite a circus!  One person handling three at once is hard enough – at least it is when all three decide to fly off in different directions!  Sometimes they are very well-behaved and will mainly just sit on my hand.  Other times it’s like they’re on a sugar rush, and they want to go go go!   Tonight when we play with them again, we’ll be swapping them to the other cage, so they stay flexible and open to change.  They seem to get a kick out of suddenly having “different” toys available, too.

I happened to catch the pied parrotlet pair out of their nestbox today, so I grabbed my trusty little flashlight and took a look.  The three kids look good.  I think I will give it another day before I try to band the oldest again.  The parents are definitely doing better this time (second attempt) but I don’t think they have yet reached their potential as great parents.

I also got a good look at the timneh eggs in the past few days and it looks as if only one is fertile.  I think I may consider selling that one chick to a pet shop with a good reputation, and letting Ziggy and Paco go again.  I prefer handfeeding two kids at once.

Today finally feels like fall!  It’s 58 degrees out and very breezy.  Really nice!  I hope it stays this way for a while.  Think FALL!