Thinking about the future of the flock, we decided to give Roo away and will end up keeping one of the rooster chicks as the new resident rooster.  So Roo is gone as of today, and that made things ready for the next step – getting the chicks into the big coop.  To accomplish this with minimal problems, we decided to move the remaining three older cochin hens to the small coop where the chicks have been living.  We would leave the two puffheads (the white headed black polish banty girls) in the big coop since they are low in the pecking order anyway.  Then the chicks would get put into the big coop. All of this was done today.

The big hens seem happy enough in the little coop, save for the fact that they don’t have a roost that can really accommodate their size.  It’s only planned to be for a week, just to give the little chicks a chance to call the big coop their own and give them a better chance with the big girls, so they should be fine. No doubt they will end up sleeping in the nests! 090615SmallCoopWith3OlderHens

The little chicks are having a great time with all this new space!  We kept them inside for a few hours then opened the hatch to their yard.  Fourteen chicks spread out nicely and really look like they are having a good time, both inside and outside the coop.


The amazing thing is the poor puffheads are already being chased by the chicks!  The chicks are almost as big as the puffheads, who are considerably smaller than the normal cochin bantys are as adults.

Of course we once again had the same problem when dusk fell.  The foolish chicks did not all go inside and a small group of them – maybe six or so – insisted on bunking down in their yard, practically at the base of their ramp.  Despite the fact that there was a light on inside, and it all looked very cozy and welcoming – at least to ME – they refused to go in.  Since the coop and yard  has electric fencing all over it, we just left them out in their yard tonight.  We left the light on for them inside, and left the hatch open.  Hopefully at some point they will finally realize that spending their nights IN the coop, on a perch, is the way to go.

We should know for sure pretty soon if I was right about the wing sexing of the chicks.  Scott has heard someone trying to crow already, so it shouldn’t be too much longer. If I was correct, all the mille fleurs are hens and all but one blue are roosters.  Fingers are crossed!