I am still waiting for SEPTEMBER weather!  In Groton, it should not be almost 80 degrees after 5:00 on September 4th!  Normally we’d be worried about our first frost soon, but according to the weather reports we have heat in store for us for the near future.  Next weekend (the 12th) we will have a vendor table at the BOAF Bird Show in Manchester, and I hope we are looking at more seasonable weather by then.

Speaking of the Bird Show, if you are in NH or within driving distance, consider going to the show.  You can check the BOAF website for info and directions.  If you’ve never been, it’s a chance to see (and possibly buy) some birds you may not normally see.  We will be bringing canaries that I raised this spring, along with a few young society finches and any parrotlet kids not yet sold.  I bring my birds to sell in small cages that go with the bird, so you don’t have to worry about them being in a box or whatever.  Most vendors don’t do this, though, so a word to the wise: if you think you might buy a bird there, bring a few cages with you, JUST IN CASE!  We will also be bringing a variety of handcrafted wood products that hubby and I make.  These include clocks, key racks, necklaces, etc.  One of a kind things that would make nice Christmas presents for bird loving friends, or treat yourself.

If you go to the show and we’ve talked or emailed, please come by our table and introduce yourself.  It’s nice to put a face with a name!  But if I ask your name about a dozen times please don’t take offense!  My mind is like a sieve when it comes to names, and if I ask you to repeat it I will at least have a fighting chance of remembering it!

Going to the show is a big deal for a hermit like me.  I’m not normally happy in crowds.  I also hate to leave Spotticus (our chihuahua) home alone, but luckily my son and his family have agreed to come spend the day here, dog-sitting.  I purposely planned out the birds’ breeding so that I would not be handfeeding now, so at least that is not a problem.

This week I will be bringing a couple canaries into the living room each day to try to figure out which are males.  Always fun.

A few days ago, Ziggy (the hen in my Timneh pair) laid an egg.  They are a very dependable pair for me, so hopefully we will have a baby or two in about a month.  The congo pair is on three eggs, but since they’ve yet to have a fertile egg I told myself not to get excited.  Unfortunately, these don’t look fertile either.  Oh well.  Maybe someday.  It doesn’t really matter, though.  They get along so great and are both such characters that we love them regardless.  Hearing Cosmo do his old man sigh when we are getting ready for bed at night never fails to crack us up.  🙂

Scott told me this morning that one of our chicks is trying to crow!  “ERRRR” – that’s about it!   The kids are growing up!