I said good-bye to a finch today.  It was a twelve-year-old female cordon bleu that has been here since she was about a year old.  Originally half of a pair, she lost her mate many years ago but kept on going strong without him.  She was a beauty, and a feisty little thing as well.  Whenever I’d have to catch her, she was one that would bite viciously!  It always seems so odd to have such a tiny little thing biting like that – as if they have a chance at intimidating something that surely must seem ginormous to them in comparison!  And yet, a bite from that fluff of feathers would indeed get your attention.

The last couple of days we noticed she was fluffed and not her usual self.  I knew the end was coming, and this morning she allowed me to pick her up and hold her for a bit, with no real fight left in her.  I put her down in a little “bed” of tissues and in a short time she was gone.

All of our animal friends grab a place in our heart, some more than others.  A beloved dog is like losing a child almost.  Thinking of some that have had to be put to sleep still brings a tear to my eye even after more than a decade has passed.  You might think a finch wouldn’t warrant much reaction.  After all, there is no real one-on-one interaction.  You don’t hold them and pet them.  Still, when one has been with you for almost twelve years it’s a piece of your life and one that brought you joy, and it’s sad to lose them.

I think it’s important to remember that things come and go in our lives, and we have no idea how long we will be blessed with any of them.  So take an extra minute to enjoy those little beings in your life that add so much to it.  They make us better people.  And while you’re in a reflective mood, stop and think about the people in your life that make your life worth living.  We have no idea how long any of them will be in our lives either, and we will surely miss them when they are gone.