Last night was the fourth day for the banty chicks being allowed out into their yard, and it was the fourth night that Scott had to physically grab each one and toss it back inside for the night.  My memory sucks, unless it is for things in the ancient past or (as with all women) for wrongs done to me,  but I really don’t recall the last chickens being this pig-headed and downright stupid.  As I said, my memory being not the greatest for things like this, who knows.  They may have been just as slow to get the point.  Regardless, we do wish they’d begin to cooperate soon.  It’s lucky that once night falls, they all gather in a group near the outer door so it’s relatively easy for Scott to reach in and grab them.  Had they decided to pig-pile in the far corner, things would be decidedly more tense come nightfall.

The chicks are looking great, though, and it’s hard to believe they are only five weeks old.

In the big coop, we’ve been dealing with a broody black hen for the past few weeks.  We kick her out of the nestbox every time we see her, which is supposed to help break the broody cycle and has indeed worked in the past.  When broody, they no longer lay eggs, so it’s important to try to break the cycle.  I go out several times a day to check on them and replace their water, especially with this heat we’ve been having, and each time I also check for eggs and boot out the broody hen.  As of today, it appears we have THREE broody hens!  While we really love the cochins, these girls are very quick to go broody.  Once the young hens are integrated into the flock and begin to lay, it won’t be as bothersome since we will still be getting enough eggs.

And then there is Roo.  I’ve written about Roo here before, and how much we worried over him last winter when he seemed very arthritic and had such a hard time getting around.  Then how he recovered so completely come spring and we gave him his own harem of two in the small coop so we could collect and hatch fertile eggs.  Now he and his harem have been back in the big coop for weeks, and he has grown more and more obnoxious each day.  The Roo we loved has turned into an ass.  All I have to do is walk up to the coop and he comes charging at me.  Thank goodness we have their yard enclosed.  It’s for their safety, but the way things are now it’s also MY safety!  I showed Scott last night how Roo will follow me around the perimeter of the yard, in a very hostile manner.  He’s a small, feathered beast!  Maybe the addition of his daughters in another month or so will keep him frazzled enough that it will take the target off of me.  Or maybe he will feel he has that much more to defend and get worse!  He’d better watch his step, because he has some very lovely sons growing up right now that would love to take his place!