That’s what I am.  A babysitter for the bantys.  We started letting them go out in their yard on Sunday, and that night had to grab them and toss them back inside.  Not the sharpest crayons in the box, but they will learn.  I just wish they’d learn FASTER.  I have let them out each day since, after I give them food so I know they are at least having breakfast. Many times throughout the day I go out, shut off the electric fence that is attached to their wire, remove the shavings from their water, and try to coax them inside where the food is.  Then I take a bit of their food and sprinkle it just inside the hatch and also scattered on the ramp, hoping to entice them to climb up the ramp and go back inside.  We know they are capable, because we saw them do it, but the idea that their food is inside seems to be escaping them. So each time I give them a bit of food they act like they are starved.


Last night Scott had to once again grab them and put them inside for the night.  I’m sure tonight will be the same.  I hope it doesn’t take them too long to get with the program.  Good thing they are so cute.  🙂