Last night Scott and I went out on the deck at 10 PM and were happy to see the sky was actually clear.  Tons of stars were visible and the Milky Way was really spectacular.  We have a gorgeous sky up here in the country.  So we settled onto a glider to see if we would see any meteors since last night was supposed to be the peak for the Perseids.  This meteor shower is known for meteors with long, lingering tails.  The last few years the meteor showers have been disappointing.  Almost every one was plagued by a full – or nearly full – moon.  Even in our sky you miss an awful lot of them when the moon is so bright.  Last night really had the perfect conditions.  Dark, clear sky, and a really nice breeze that was not really even cold to us.

We were rewarded with a really nice show.  There were some truly impressive ones – big and bright and with great tails!   Lots of smaller ones, too.  Sometimes we’d see three right in a row, one after the other with only seconds in between.  It was great.  At about 11:30 I had to take a break to give the baby parrotlets their last feeding of the day, so we went inside for about 20 minutes and then went back out.  Scott likes his sleep, and it tends to kill him to get too little, so I really have to hand it to him for being a trooper and staying up with me.  🙂

The air did start to get damp and my throw was covered in dew, but the meteors were still coming so it was hard to tear myself away. We finally called it a night somewhere around 1 AM.  I’m hoping tonight the sky is again clear.  If your sky is clear, get yourselves out there and check it out!