When I feed the baby parrotlets, I close the doors off the dining room because at least half of the babies can fly, and fly well.  They’ve been clipped, but they still fly.  The idea is to limit altitude, and the hope is that they simply glide downward.  In reality, with such tiny little birds, even clipped they can zip around pretty well – some better than others.

I’ve been opening the Vision cage door, and whoever climbs up first is the next fed.  They are now at the point where sometimes a small herd of them – and at this point it truly seems more apt to call them a herd than a flock – will charge the open cage door.  Depending on my mood, I will either peel all but one off the door and redeposit them back in the cage while I go on to feed the one, or I may pluck two out at once and feed them side by side.  Since the older ones in particular are now refusing some feedings completely, having a bit of competition tends to make them at least go for a bite or two.  However, there is that added feature of flying which figures in to the dynamics.

At the noon feeding today, the herd was relentless.  It was two at a time all the way, for the most part, but I ended up with three remaining in the cage at the end.  I opened the door and these tricky monkeys FLEW on out and right by me.  One to the top of the bookcase, one to the front of the finch flight, and one to the top of the aquarium, where he made a bee-line for the opening on the hood where the filter is.  Of course that is the one I made a bee-line for, and got there just in time to pluck him out of the water!  What a goofus.  Then I went to round up the other two, and one of them being a particularly good flier he was dusting my ceiling for me.  The other flew in back of the aquarium, to one of the places where it’s more of a pain in the neck from which to retrieve them.  Of course.  I grab him, and the “swimmer” is off again, this time dusting the top of the finch flight.  It continued like this for close to five minutes.  I get one or two, and the third is off.  Get him and one of the others takes off.  Spot was watching this from his crate, and I think he may be convinced we’re all insane.  Finally I nab all three at once and go back to try to coax any or all of them to eat a bit.  Now the food is too cool so I have to heat that back up.  One of the three starts to take off again and I nabbed him mid-air!

Finally, the three are on the counter and I’m giving them a few bites.  Each one is safely plopped into the Kritter Keeper once he’s fed.  After popping in the second one and beginning to feed the last kid, I find the kids have learned a new trick: how to get out of the top door in the Kritter Keeper.  Up till now they hadn’t managed the feat of actually jumping/flying out the small door onto the top.  Well they know how now.  🙂    From here on in, the top door on the Kritter Keeper will remain closed once a baby is deposited inside.

I really like these little feather dusters!