When I’m not feeding the parrotlets or cleaning out the brooder (gotta keep those shavings dry!) I am changing the banty chicks’ water or cleaning out their shavings.  Amazing what a mess such little guys can make!  The chickens are really growing fast.  They are mostly 15 days old today, and the two youngest are at an even two weeks.


So many pretty feathers coming in!


And there is that hard-worker, working to get the chicks’ new house ready!  It’s going to be nice.    You can see the other coop in the background.  Those chickens and Roo are really enjoying their new digs.  They LOVE having all that yard, and especially having it under cover.  We have never owned chickens that liked rain or snow, so having a covered outside area is really nice.  Today there was a point where the heavens opened up and it rained buckets.  I looked outside and all but the one currently-broody black hen were outside scratching around without a care in the world.  Nice.

We had a robin build a nest on top of a board in our entryway earlier this spring.  Scott removed the beginnings of her nest pretty much daily, but she was so stubborn she just kept rebuilding.  Finally we decided to let her go for it.  She hatched and raised a nice clutch of babies there.  It had been at least 3 weeks since they fledged, when she suddenly decided to come back to that same nest and go for another round. Today I see at least 3 heads popping up and they’re already quite big!


How cute are they?!