Ten days ago I wrote about Opal, the female parrotlet I had been given, and how I was trying to get her to accept one of my lone males as a mate.  At that time I had already tried her with the old geezer, which hadn’t worked well, and with the young male, which was even worse.  Opal had been quite nasty in her attacks on him, and I’d had to separate them.  My plan had been to keep them in separate cages near each other so they might mellow a bit.  After a few days I put Opal back into the Vision cage with him.  (I really need a name for this guy, but so far nothing I’ve tried sticks.)  Opal was still going after him, but it was to the point where usually she would chase him and peck at him and eventually he’d get far enough away that she’d just let it ride.  Until the next attack, that is.  There was no actual wounding going on, so I decided to give it a few days and just keep a close eye on them.

A couple of days ago the dynamics changed.  He-Who-Has-No-Name began to hold his ground.  They would beak-fight but he would hold his ground for maybe half a minute before finally retreating.  And she did not chase him, she just let him go.  A huge improvement, though not exactly friendly.

Yesterday, another change – though it was so subtle that I couldn’t really put my finger on it.  It just felt like something was different.  Then last night, IT happened.  No, not THAT.  LOL.  Opal was on the swing and HWHNN was near her, looking like he was going to make an attempt to gain the swing.  She looked to be on alert, ready to defend it.  But then, instead of going in for a fight, he made regurgitation movements and leaned in and she allowed him to feed her!  Talk about excited!  Not THEM, ME!

Today they are still bickering, but again, you can see the dynamic is different and hopefully the tide has turned.

072715Opal&YoungerLoneMaleOpal is the one that looks almost white.  She is actually a super light blue and quite pretty.  HWHNN is a normal green.  I’m hoping things will only get better between them.