Our son, Alex, came to spend the day today. His brother, Spot, was beside himself with joy.   Alex and Scott spent a fair amount of time working on the wiring of the chicken coop, and apparently some of it was pretty shocking.  Literally.  I heard about that after the fact (good thing) and apparently they both got their share of zaps.  Silly me; I thought the idea was to shock the foxes and bears!

The oldest parrotlet chick from the middle pair is now a confirmed male!  Cute little monkey, too. 072615_08MALE19DaysOld

Watched several shark movies today on the SYFY channel.  Can’t beat a two-headed shark.  Oh, wait, yes you can – a THREE-HEADED shark!   LOL.  And let’s not forget zombie sharks.   Plus I have all three Sharknado movies on DVR, just waiting for some time.   Cheesy syfy – gotta love it!

Supposed to be a very hot week ahead.  Thank goodness for AC!