I have a garden every year.  I HATE gardening.  I hate planting.  I hate weeding. I hate the heat.  I hate the bugs.  I love when it’s time to harvest something.  That is the only thing that makes me do it every year.

Having a decent garden is a challenge.  Up here we are a good two weeks behind the rest of the folks only a couple miles away in either direction.  The altitude here almost gives us our own little weather system.  We’re in our own little world.  Which is great because there are not as many people up here.  For that benefit, I can live with the weather.  Easily.  When you start up the road towards our house, four and a half miles away, you can watch the temperature drop.  By the time you get here, we are 5 to 10 degrees cooler.  In the summer, that’s a great thing.  In the winter, it also means that where they may have rain two miles in either direction, we probably have snow.  In the spring, when those same people are welcoming spring, we still have snow.  Lots of snow.  I don’t care; I like it.  But back to the garden…  we are a good two weeks behind everyone else when it comes to planting in the spring, and we often have a frost a few weeks before those same people.  Basically we lose nearly a month of growing time.

Last year the garden was the worst ever.  Nothing grew.  Even the old standbys, the zucchini and beans and pumpkins, did nothing.  Not a single pumpkin.  Very disappointing.  The one thing that does grow up here and grow well, is blueberries.  Not the spleeny little wild blueberries – though there are plenty of those – but the high bush blueberries we planted some years ago.  They LOVE it up here!  They are huge berries, nearly as big as the end of my thumb, and very tasty.  I usually freeze over 20 2-cup packages of them every year and eat plenty right off the bushes, too.  Last year was no exception – the blueberries were the saving grace.

This year the garden looked the most promising of any year I can recall.  We’ve had plenty of heat, sun, and rain.  Yesterday I picked my first magda squash, which is a delightful hybrid that is much better than zucchini.  Picked another today and there are many more growing.  I actually have tomatoes this year, which is super rare.  I picked a couple today and there are more coming.  Also picked enough green beans for a meal today, and there are two spaghetti squash coming along very nicely already as well.  Got to love the harvest time!

The blueberries are now coming in as well.  I picked 2 cups yesterday, another 2 cups today, and there are still tons on the bushes and plenty not even close to being ready yet.  072215Blueberries

Now THESE are blueberries!

Yup, the harvest makes the whole thing worth it.  🙂